Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It's official-official

I got my class list yesterday.
It's like really official.

Sure...I have been moving furniture and decorating for a month.
SURE! I have been talking about my new class.

...but it's real now! I am now in charge of 40 little learning lives.

I went back to school yesterday to get that list.  Then I had a moment of "OH MY GOSH! I have to get my letters printed! I have to get envelopes! I have to get their folder materials sent to print shop!"

So I created my welcome letter, and supply list.  Then I decided that this year with so many children, I wanted to know as much as I could about them so I didn't waste anytime trying to just "figure it out".

I searched a while before I could find one that was appropriate for PreK AND that was FREE!  I finally found it!  A blog called A Differentiated Kindergarten had this super cute survey with student interests that actually help you understand the life of a preschooler.  I was so happy to find something that was already created and adorable to boot, so THANKS Marsha McGuire for putting this on your Teachers Pay Teachers site for FREE!!  Click on the Teachers Pay Teachers link to download the free student interest survey and to see more of Marsha's creations!  OR click the picture below to download this document now :)


I also sent my Parent Contact Log to be printed.  I really like using this particular form that was created by Mrs. K at Confessions of a Primary Teacher!  This form has it all.  A place for their personal information and contact information as well as a place to write down when and how you contacted the parent and a spot to write any notes you might need.  It's my favorite :)

You can find this communication log by either clicking the link to visit Mrs. K's blog or by clicking the image to the left!

So after I got the first few things taken care of I started thinking about my very helpful teacher friend next door.  I remember her saying that she has a binder that she sends home with some very basic information in it that she has the parents and student practice with at home.  In Kindergarten they call these binders "Jacket Packets".  Essentially that is what she has created, only for the Prek minds!  I did a lot of thinking about her binders. SO, Thanks Mrs. McK!  I will be following suit this year!  I found the neatest document to add to this folder! Another FREE Teachers Pay Teachers find!  It has Alphabet pages, color/shapes, and calendar practice for days/months!   I added an alphabet chart and created some work for recognizing/writing numbers and chose not to use the "sight words" page.  Click the images or the links to download this FREE! :)

After I finally got it all printed or sent to print, I felt pretty accomplished.
Happy first day of "summer break" to me!

...because you know teachers don't work for 3 months out of the year. :)

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