Friday, July 25, 2014

Teaching with an Apron

Can I tell you something?
...I secretly LOVE aprons.

My mom always used to wear an apron when she did her baking and always on major holidays so she didn't ruin her outfit.  She made me aprons of my own and even one to match hers.  There is just something about aprons that make me feel special.

I have had painting aprons that I have used in my class before.
I have seen "reward" aprons before that have multiple pockets all over filled with little tokens to give for classroom management.

I had some old jeans and some polka dot ribbon.
so naturally, I made some aprons.

Now I am not good at sewing.  And hot glue guns TERRIFY me.
Luckily I found a way around those things! :)

I cut the jeans next to the seam.  Next I used a ruler to mark and then cut across below the pockets that way there is room for an adorable fringe to occur if we need to wash them. Then I used my ribbon in two ways.  The first apron I looped it through the belt loops to keep it on the apron for tying.  In the second apron, I tied the ribbon on the last belt loop to give a little extra room to tie with.  All together I was quite pleased how they turned out, especially since I used supplies I already had at the house!

How will I use this apron?  My very best friend and fellow teacher has already asked me that.  I envision using this apron as my "DON'T FORGET TO USE THIS TODAY!" apron.  I don't know about you but some times I make cute cards and have fun things to use, but if they are out of sight they are out of mind.  So hopefully if I can keep them on me, I can remember to use them!

 I am going to keep questioning cards, Dr. Jean  cheer cards or attention getters like bells, and maybe even use circle rings or clothes pins to clip reminders to it, etc.

I AM EXCITED to use my new aprons to help me remember to use the awesome resources that sometimes I may forget to use, because quite frankly, I am busy teaching.

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