Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back to reality

 I am blessed by being a teacher that I do have some time off in the summer.  I convinced my husband to take an extended weekend vacation to Gulf Shores, AL.

Playing with the Lemurs at the zoo!
I got to take a Helicopter tour of the beach!

visiting the National Naval Aviation Museum
Then climbed the Lighthouse to look out over Pensacola, FL.

This was a very fun and educational trip!  I am always excited to travel and learn new things, but like all good things vacation must come to an end.  It was back to reality this morning with laundry, cleaning out the car, and of course tackling my back to school letters! 

I hand addressed 40 letters this morning.  I contemplated printing out labels, but I felt like a personally written address would feel more welcoming and loving. However, grade cards may be a different story after the year begins ;)

Only 16 more days til August 1st! Let the race to finish planning and preparing begin!
(*If that's not a "back to reality" check, I don't know what is!)

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