Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Open for business

My teacherspayteachers page is now open for business!...sorta.

Currently, I am only putting on things for FREE until I can find a program to create better documents with and hopefully documents that don't infringe on any type of copyrighted material.  I have always made different types of worksheets for my classroom but I have always relied on google images for everything I need.  I just want to be very careful so that I do not get in any trouble over anything!

I also have a classroom facebook page!  I check my personal facebook all the time, update it, etc.  So why not have a classroom page that I can post reminders on?  (especially when you forget to send that one note home, or want to send extra reminders for that one parent who might not have checked the backpack?!)  I may or may not have also had a parent or two that I could never reach by phone but always had luck with a facebook message ;)

I have also considered perhaps adding in some of my "Teacher Fashion" here and there as well.  Somedays it's hard to come up with an out fit that is comfortable and interesting.  Most times the things I wear is because I think the kids will like it.  BRIGHT, accessorized, patterns and even textures!  I also like to dress on a BUDGET!  Most things I purchase will be from sales, clearance racks, and my most favorite Walmart.  It might be something fun to add on those days when I possibly need a break from worksheets and glue sticks.

This was one of my most FAVORITE outfits from last fall.  A mustard colored sweater with a black or brown cami, cheetah print scarf, skinny jeans, tall boots, and of course a fun bracelet with a flower in my hair. :) 
Thanks to my friend Lacey at Firefly Photography for taking it, and my friend Melinda for wanting a fall colors photoshoot, I have a nice photo to use as my main picture on my profiles for my blog, teacherspayteachers, facebook, and google+ accounts. 

Oy...August is forever away when you want to get started NOW!
(at least I am looking forward to August!)I am anxious to put all of these things into full effect. 
I am excited to post pictures of the work we are going to be doing.

Let's do this!

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