Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Yoga and Preschool

My husband and I are always talking about ways we need to get up and get moving.  Our ideas of physical fitness activities are different though.  I enjoy dancing, yoga, bicycling and he wants to jog/run and do weights. Oy. the classroom I have a variety of ways to get the kids up and moving. Most of them include my favorites like dancing, music, and even yoga.

Yes, yoga and preschoolers go together like peanut butter and jelly!,  to teach yoga I don't ring a gong or ask for silence and deep breathing.  I actually turn to Cosmic Kids to teach the kids how to do yoga all while making it seem like an adventurous story they are getting to be a part of.

The yoga teacher, Jamie, has a brilliant accent that the children love and the stories fascinate them.  The moves are easy to follow and easy to do.

I have actually done these yoga videos with both regular education preschool students as well as in an early childhood special education room.  It is amazing to see how they ALL follow along and do their best during yoga time.  During summer school, I had us do yoga during a rainy recess.  After that they requested to do yoga EVERY DAY.  It was fabulous!

I am going to post some of Cosmic Kids Yoga videos from youtube (Squish the fish is my FAVORITE!) today and hope that you enjoy and can use them in your classroom when you just need a new way to get up and move with your prekinders!

   This one is Squish the Fish!!!                       Joybob the Polar Bear

 and Enzo the Bee!

I hope you can enjoy Cosmic Kids in your classroom, too!

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