Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pinterest: A Teacher's Best Friend

Since finding Pinterest 3 years ago (Thanks, Mrs. Brittanie!)  I have had a much easier time creating and planning for my preschool classroom.

The challenging thing about Preschool is trying to find a balance.  They need EVERYTHING and everything is hard to give when you only have 3-4 hours a day with them.

Pinterest made searching for projects, music, lessons, parent involvement ideas, and center materials SO MUCH EASIER!  and I love that I can keep it all in one place instead of having a thousand tabs saved on my computer browser.

Some might say (and by some I mean my husband) that I have an addiction to pinterest.
If I am bored or needing to get my mind off of something it's where I go to unthink about what I am thinking about.

Currently, I have 899 followers on pinterest.  Which to me is impressive (even though my mom has like 2,000+!)  I am hoping to grow more followers, to help grow more followers on the blog, so I can evolve and transform the blog into something bigger and better and more helpful to all!

So if you don't have a pinterest of your own sign up for free and/or haven't started following me yet I say JOIN THE FUN

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