Monday, June 30, 2014

Learning to share documents---WHOA!

So I am totally learning how to use GoogleDocs to share documents that either I have made or others have created and shared with the internet world for FREE!  I always love FREE above all others.

I will pinky promise to always ALWAYS give credit where credit is due.  If I don't make it, I will say it, but I will share how I USE it so that if you haven't seen it before you have the chance to use it, too! goes!  An awesome teacher named Stephanie Ann from Sparkling Kindergarteners has created this really neat Alphabet "MiniBook" for tracing capitol letters.  It is really nice because when cut, it is small, there are good pictures to go along with each letter and it has multiple uses!  Stephanie Ann suggests using it DAILY to practice the letter formations and letter identification as part of your students morning routine!
click here to download this traceable

I am going to suggest for PreK to place these in a Writing Center! Print and laminate the cards and use with dry erase markers or dry erase crayons (if you still haven't mastered the safe use of markers yet!) so the kiddos can begin practicing letter formation/identification.

Thanks Stephanie Ann for such a simple and useful document!
Alphabet MiniBooks for tracing



  1. THANKS! These are adorable. I love that you included upper and lower case letters. These will be great for my busy bags.

  2. This is an excellent practice sheet for my preschooler. Thanks soooo much!

  3. Hello! Thanks for the printable! I am a english teacher in Catuípe (Rio Grande do Sul- Brazil) then it´s so difficult find good materials for free! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!
    If someone wants give more materials we will be so happy!
    My adress is: Dalene Juliana dos Santos Wobeto Nascimento.
    Rua José Motta, número 1005, City Catuípe
    State:Rio Grande do Sul/RS-
    Country:BRAZIL-Cep 97880-000 Since now Thanks!!!

  4. thanks you so much. it was a great help!!God bless!

  5. I can't wait to make these with our kiddos tomorrow! thank you so much for the free download!!