Monday, August 11, 2014

Western Theme Back to School Bulletin Boards

Our Back to School and PBIS Theme of the year is a western theme.  After searching pinterest and googling for days, I think I found some ideas with a little modification to make them work for me!

 This board IS NOT a bulletin board set!  This was made on my computer by finding a font that looked "old western" style and then by googling "wanted posters."  COST: $0 :)

 This board was a pinterest inspiration.  The phrase with it said "Lasso a Good Read" but I thought "Ropin a Good Read" had a better flow.  The rope AND the bandannas came from Dollar Tree.  The bandannas were actually a 2 pack so I got them for $0.50 each!  Cost: $5

This board is made from a cricut and really cool background bulletin board paper!  You can order premade background bulletin board paper that fits a standard bulletin board from almost any classroom supply catalog now.  The boots were cut from my mom's Cricut machine!  Thanks Mom and Lori for having these supplies for me! :)

This board was also created from a Cricut machine.  The little people and the horseshoes were cut and placed together for our "3 B's" Esther Expectations Board.  I thought it turned out CUTE!

I will blog about our outside bulletin board after it is finished tonight.  I have created an interactive bulletin board for Open House!  The kids will get to chose what shape their name will go on (hat, star, or boot) then they will color it and it will get hung up during open house!  That way they are already a part of our classroom.

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