Thursday, July 3, 2014

Classroom supplies are my kryptonite :)

I am ALWAYS, ALWAYS looking to score a good deal on supplies for my room.
Packages of classroom decorations, dicut letters, notepads, and new pens are kryptonite to a teacher.

It's always fun to go shopping and find things you really weren't even looking for especially at an awesome price!  At Dollar Tree (MY FAVORITE STORE, EVER!) I found these pointers to put in the language and literacy centers, paper lanterns to add to my oriental trading post score (12 lanterns for $15! Click here to get yours!), and these tiny orange road cones will be put in the building center!

I will say though, my love and affection for Dollar Tree was put to the side yesterday after my Micheal's finds!   I found some adorable polka dot tags that I will laminate and use to write names on for group work.  I have been searching for something cute but functional for what I needed!  Those are nice but the real finds were the feathers, inkpads, and new ink pen!  The feathers were $0.99 a package (which is FABULOUS for feathers!), the new ink pen was $0.50 (and it's SO CUTE!), but best of all I got 2 ink pads for $0.44 and one more for just $0.01!!!!!

Sometimes you find things in places you didn't really think you would find "teacher things."  I found this pack of Dicut letters at Staples!  It was a dual pack of polka dots and chevron.  Two of my favorite things :)

I know teachers have a budget that we spend each year and trust me, I try to make the most of that money, too!  But sometimes wouldn't it be nice to get some type of refund on all the things we spend on our own?  I am not sure people realize just how much money it takes to make our classrooms look like these amazing learning spaces.

And lets face it...How many other jobs do people use their own money to purchase hundreds or even thousands of dollars in supplies/materials each year for their jobs?  My guess is very few.

Happy Spending! :)

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