Monday, September 15, 2014

Attention Getters
It's already that time of year. 
When the first attention getter has worn off and it's time to learn something new.

We have been practicing, "Criss Cross! Hands in Lap! BUBBLES IN YOUR CHEEKS!"  It was not only my attention getter but also a directive to learn how to sit on our rug.  VERY effective during the first month of preschool.

Now we know how to sit on the rug.  Now we have a friend that we sit by.  Now it's time for the teacher to get creative and teach them something NEW. 

I found this pack of printable attention getter sheets from! It was free to me, so if you click the image above it will be FREE to you, too! 

Parents: These will work at home, too!  Pick some that might work for you and give them a try!  I would reccomend "Holy Moly! Guacamole!" ,"Macaroni and Cheese! FREEZE!" , and "Yackety Yak! Don't talk back." REMEMBER: you will have to teach how to use the phrase AND practice it. Also remember, these are to grab their attention! Unless you choose, "Yakety Yak! Don't talk back!" and that can be effective for redirecting them when they may be making sad choices with you.

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