Saturday, August 2, 2014

Step One: Completed

A Teacher's "Step One" consists of assessing your situation and putting things back where they need to be.  Room arrangement is KEY in setting up a successful, smooth running classroom.  It can take HOURS to set up your furniture just the way you want. 

I should know. 
I worked for a MONTH on getting my room to look the way I thought it would work best. 

This was my step one.
I used this picture I took after getting my room just the way I wanted it during summer school.  My room looks IDENTICAL to the pictures I took in June.  Saved me soooo much time this August!

Bulletin Boards
Finish Decorating

Stuff Folders
Stock Shelves
Name Tags & Bus Tags

STEP FOUR(if time permits):::
Organize book tubs

My Momma is staying with us so that she can help me for a couple days so we can bust a move and get things done!

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