Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Recess and Summer Days

Normally, every child is all about recess! 
The kids are all about recess. Seriously-the kids will ask from the minute they get to school til the minute you actually line up to go outside, they will ask if we are going outside today.

Usually teachers really like recess, too!  It gives us a chance to take a break, get some fresh air, and let them run their wiggles out!  I go over the weather report every morning with the students and we will talk about if recess is an option for the day.  This week is quite a different summer scenario than most summer days.

According to KSPR, our county is under a Heat Advisory.
If it is dangerously hot, we will NOT be going outside.  Their little bodies are easily overheated (especially when they run and jump and swing!)

PARENTS---Please talk to your child about the heat and what it can do to your body.  They need to know that excessive temperature is just as bad as when it's really cold.  Also, please make sure to dress them accordingly!  Short sleeves, tank tops, shorts or capris. 
NO LONG SLEEVES, JACKETS OR COATS OR STOCKING HATS are necessary right now.  They will want to wear them and it's too hot for that. Also please dress them in LIGHT COLORS!  Dark colors attract light/heat and can make them even hotter, even faster!

Here are two examples of PERFECT outfits for this week!
KIDDING! JUST KIDDING! It would be both adorable and hilarious if you sent them to me like this however, this is not what I mean! ;)


Also, tell them not to be mad at their teachers when they say we have to stay inside because it's too hot to play! :) 

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