Friday, August 8, 2014

T'was the Friday before Open House

Twas the Friday before Open House
and all through the school
All the teacher were stirring
and using their tools.

All the folders were stuffed in the cubbies with care
with hopes that the children soon would be there.

The children were all snuggled down in their beds,
while visions of new friends danced in their heads.

When out in the hall there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter.
When what to my wondering eyes should see?
Parents, and siblings, and 40 new friends for me.

This little, sweet teacher so lively and quick!
She knew in a minute they were the ones she would pick.
More rapid than busses her courses they came,
she smiled, and waved, then called them by name:

"Now Suzy, now Billy, Now Julie and Jim!
On Michael, on Lisa, on Caden and Kim!
To the cubbies! To the tables! To the centers and rug!
Now meet your friends! Find your things, give your teacher a hug!"

They heard the teacher exclaim as the families all drove out of sight,
"Welcome back to school! And to all a good night!"

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