Saturday, October 11, 2014


We have been working on Apples for the past two weeks.  Learning the lifecycle.  When we pick apples.  What can be made with Apples. The parts of an apple.  We read lots of nonfiction stories about apples and apple orchards.  We also read The Apple Pie Tree and Ten Apples Up On Top!
Here's a few of the projects we made!

First we worked in the math center on Patterning.
 Then we took those patterns and used them to create a sequencing activity for The Apple Pie Tree story.

 We did lots of group writing about the things we were learning about apples.  We also made Glitter Apples.  This is a great sensory type activity.  I make the kids spread the glue with their fingers and hands before we sprinkle on the glitter!
 We did an apple tasting! Each child got at least one slice of each color of apple then we voted on which one we liked best.
 We read Ten Apples Up On Top (like ten times!)  Then the kids got a picture of themselves and had to count out ten apples to glue them up on top of their picture!  They loved this project!
 We also cut apple cores.  They had to follow the curved lines, then color and draw seeds, to create an apple core!

I think we enjoyed our unit on apples.  This week we will focus on Transportation (and fire safety).  THEN we will get to do PUMPKINS and Halloween! 

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